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Lessons from a Quitter

Mar 12, 2019

Erin spent 22 years climbing the corporate ladder and climbed her way right up to the very top as CEO of PayFlex, Inc., a large healthcare financial company. As the CEO, Erin was in charge of overseeing 1000 employees and over $2bn in financial assets.  In late 2018, just when things were getting really good, Erin decided to exit the corporate world after 22 years and go down a path less traveled to start b Authentic inc.


Erin felt pulled to help create a new generation of authentic, diverse, and humble leaders. She started her own business, b Authentic Inc., where she hopes to change the face of Corporate America. Through individual and company trainings, Erin is on a mission to toss aside traditional approaches and help teach the very things that made her such a successful leader.


On this episode, we dive deep into what made Erin make the switch and how we can make the switch when we are no longer being served in our current role.


Here is what we chat about in this episode:

  • How she climbed her way up the corporate ladder to become the CEO of PayFlex, Inc.
  • How she dealt with the feeling of always wanting more and how she used that to fuel her achievements
  • Why she walked away from her amazing CEO position
  • How she navigated her jump with her spouse and her advice for how to get your spouse on board with your next move.
  • Why she wanted to start her current business, b Authentic Inc., and how she hopes to shape the new generation of leaders


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