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Lessons from a Quitter

May 31, 2022

This week I want to talk to you about why it’s okay to change your mind. Part of my brand is wanting to change the connotation around quitting because all quitting is is just changing your mind. Can you imagine if we forced ourselves to stick with things we liked when we were younger the way we do with our careers?...

May 24, 2022

This week I want to talk to you about why you should go after those big, scary goals. I’ve already done an episode on destination addiction so you should know that the reason isn’t because of what you’ll get when you accomplish the goal. There’s more to it than just the outcome. So this week I want to offer...

May 17, 2022

Too often, we're stuck in automatic thinking. Our brain just adopts the beliefs and thoughts it was fed from society. It becomes unconscious. Just a repetitive loop of thoughts in the background of our head. But if we're going to create the lives that we truly want to live we have to learn how to think on purpose....

May 10, 2022

This week I want to talk to you about boundaries. I’ve been getting a lot of questions on the free monthly coaching calls, people saying do I just tolerate bad behavior and manage my mind around it? And I think it’s really important that we get clear on what boundaries are and what boundaries are not, where to...

May 3, 2022

It’s my 200th episode!! WHAT?!?!

It blows my mind to think about the fact that I’ve been putting out a podcast every single week for 200 weeks. 

It got me thinking about what I had to have believed 4 years ago in order to jump blindly into this project that ended up changing my life.