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Lessons from a Quitter

Jan 25, 2022

This week, we’re talking about self-trust. This is the foundation of where our self-confidence comes from. And, yet, along the way, we adopted the false belief that we can't trust ourselves. So we run around asking everyone else to make decisions for us, hoping they have the answer. Because if it doesn't work, now we...

Jan 18, 2022

One of the biggest misconceptions about quitting is that you can only do it if you’re miserable. 

After all, if it’s not terrible, why leave? 

Don’t be ungrateful. Other people would kill for this job.

Don’t risk all of the uncertainty, regret, and judgment.

Suck it up. 

And if these are the thoughts you’re...

Jan 11, 2022

This week, we're going to dive into how we can take 100% responsibility for our lives. Even when we've been dealt a bad hand, even when things aren't turning out the way we wanted, even when other people won't just act the way we think they should. Ultimately, only you are responsible for your own happiness. If that...

Jan 4, 2022

This week I want to talk to you about how you view your work and why it matters. If you’ve been around for a bit, you know that life is always 50/50 and that’s true about work too. Your thoughts create your reality and impact your experience. So many of us are adding to our own unhappiness simply because of our...