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Lessons from a Quitter

Apr 27, 2021

Want to know the secret to my success? I stopped pretending that I had it all together. The more I share my mistakes, my failures, my insecurities, the more people are attracted to me.

The more I stop pretending like I have it all together, the more I allow myself to show up exactly as I am. The more I show up and take...

Apr 20, 2021

This week's episode is all about doing difficult things. Somewhere along the line, a lot of us adopted the mistaken belief that there is an easy way to have our dream life. But that's false, there are no shortcuts.
When we adopt that mentality, we end up making it so much harder on ourselves. We fall short on...

Apr 13, 2021

By far, the #1 question I get asked is some version of:

“I hate my job but I have no idea what else I would do. How do I find some clarity?!”

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that no one can give you a clear answer to that question. Because what you’re really saying is: “I’ve lost touch with who...

Apr 6, 2021

If you’ve listened to the podcast for a while now, you’ve likely heard me talk about the free coaching calls I do every month. I always love having new people join the calls because I’ll inevitably get messages afterwards like:

“Wow, that was so much more helpful than I thought it would be!”

“Thank you for...