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Lessons from a Quitter

Jan 18, 2022

One of the biggest misconceptions about quitting is that you can only do it if you’re miserable. 

After all, if it’s not terrible, why leave? 

Don’t be ungrateful. Other people would kill for this job.

Don’t risk all of the uncertainty, regret, and judgment.

Suck it up. 

And if these are the thoughts you’re operating under, you’re going to sabotage your own life in an attempt to have an “excuse” to quit. 

You’ll start focusing on all the terrible things about your situation. 

You’ll complain about it non-stop to your co-workers, spouse, friends…hell, anyone who will listen.

You’ll refuse to find ways to be happy exactly where you are.  

You’ll start snowballing everything that is wrong in order to justify leaving. 

Here’s the truth: You don’t need any justification. 

You get to quit just because you want to. 

Even if everything is ok.

Because you want growth. 

Because you want new adventures. 

Because you want to try something else. 

In fact, that is the BEST place to quit from.

Because you’re not doing it out of desperation. 

Because you know you could be happy either way.

Because you’re not waiting for some new circumstance to make you happy (spoiler alert: it never will long term) 

So if you’re putting off your own happiness because of the hope of changing your situation, stop. 

Make yourself happy exactly where you are.

And then decide to quit because you want to. 

This week on the podcast I go more in-depth about how to view quitting so you can still be happy where you are.