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Lessons from a Quitter

Mar 17, 2020

What if you quit your career and start over only to find out that the new career also isn’t something you love?!

I think that is one of the biggest reasons people stay stuck. We have this idea that if we jump, then the next thing has to be our purpose. So we become frenetic about finding it. We become so obsessed that we can’t slow down long enough to figure out what we actually like (see the problem here?)

Having come out on the other side of this process, I now see that there is no 1 thing. Life is a series of experiments and, with each one, you learn a little bit more about yourself.

And if you have the courage to keep trying, you get closer and closer to your calling.

That's why I love having people on the podcast who have quit multiple times and had the courage to keep trying. 

Today, on the show, I got to talk to Mary Eberle about her super interesting career path.

Mary is a former lawyer who reinvented herself as a genetic genealogist. She quit two previous careers and now has a fascinating and rewarding career solving family mysteries. (how cool is that?!)

Mary founded DNA Hunters, where she solves family mysteries by analyzing DNA test results and genealogical records. Many of her clients have been trying to solve their family mysteries for decades—and sometimes even over multiple generations. Family mysteries include “Who are my birth parents?” and “Is my surname the correct surname?

To solve family mysteries, she applies many skills from her 10 years as a DNA lab technician (Career #1) and her 13+ years as a biotech patent attorney (Career #2). She finds great satisfaction in repurposing these skills to provide long-sought-after answers to her clients.

Check out her story!

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