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Lessons from a Quitter

Jul 6, 2021

So many of you are stuck because your parents, friends, or co-workers simply don’t understand why you want to take this “risk”. 


Here’s the truth: They don’t have to support you. And you still get to make the decision you want for your life. 


Would it be nice if everyone saw the world the way you did and could fully understand your dreams? Yes, of course it would be.


Do you need that before you actually take the jump? Absolutely not.


The real reason you feel like you need their support is because if they believe in you, it’s easier for YOU to believe in YOU. 


When other people express doubt, it triggers the fear and insecurity you already have in this big decision. So you become defensive and spend all of your energy trying to convince them it’s the right choice. 


But what you’re really doing is trying to convince yourself. If someone else can see your vision, then it helps reassure that part of your brain that is also screaming “This is insane! We’re going to regret it!”


They don’t have to understand what you want to do. YOU have to understand what you want to do.

They don’t have to believe in you. You have to believe in you. 


You will still have doubt. Hell, you can even agree with them that it’s a crazy decision. And you still get to make it. 


If you struggle with this, this week’s podcast is for you. I dive deeper into this concept and explain how you can start moving past needing everyone’s support.