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Lessons from a Quitter

Oct 26, 2021

I’m so excited to have my student, Christina, on the podcast this week! I want you to understand the huge impact learning how to manage your mind has on every part of your life. Christina's story is the perfect example! Since taking my 6 month program, she has gone from being scared to talk in front of other people to signing up for an improv class, having no idea what else she wanted to do to enrolling in a 10-week real estate rookie boot camp, and having no idea how to manage her emotions to helping coach those around her. But the most amazing part of her journey is she was able to completely stop taking her anxiety medication. Her anxiety was such a crippling part of her life that she missed out on annual girls trips for years. Not anymore! She went on this year’s trip and they’re already planning the next one. She really is the poster child for how managing your mind can create a ripple effect in your life. Make sure to listen to the episode to see how she shifted her mindset to start getting massive results in her life.