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Lessons from a Quitter

Mar 19, 2019

Montine Blank has done it all. From the corporate world to entrepreneurship to transformational coaching, Montine has a vast array of expertise that she utilizes in helping her clients create a meaningful, fulfilled life.


With an MBA, Montine started out at a large management consulting firm before deciding that she wanted a different future than that path provided. Her jump took her down a successful entrepreneurial road, where she founded numerous companies including The Green Half, a discount gift card site for sustainable businesses that had over 10,000 subscribers and The Green Plate, a nonprofit aimed at reducing disposable plastic consumption. She has also created 3 one of a kind art business, Crazy Moon Art Room, T-shirt Construction Co and Paint Awake. On this episode, we talk a lot about how art and painting helped her on her path to self-discovery and how she uses it with her clients.


Because of her own journey, Montine was led to getting certified and becoming a transformational coach. She now coaches clients on a wide-variety of life and career transitions in order to help people become more aligned with the true version of themselves.


We talk about her own journey as well as overarching questions about working with a life coach, like: who would benefit from it, how to find a good coach, what to work on, etc.


Here is what we chat about in this episode:

  • How she started planning her escape out of the corporate world
  • Why taking slow baby steps is generally the best practice for jumping on a new path
  • How intuitive painting helped Montine along her path to discovering her next steps and why creativity is so important for everyone on self-discovery journey
  • Why she was reluctant, at first, to get involved with coaching
  • How she got involved in transformational life coaching
  • When do you really need a coach and how can you find one that works for you
  • Why the majority of the work is just on your thoughts and not actually creating a plan


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