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Lessons from a Quitter

Sep 11, 2018

Pleasance Silicki has had 2 major career transitions. But as you’ll see from the interview today, each career she’s had has put her on the path to the next thing. So what was her journey? Well, Pleasance received her Masters in Education from the University of Pennsylvania and worked as a teacher, and then a principal, of urban elementary schools. After already feeling burned out from the job, a school shooting prompted Pleasance to leave her position.


She went on to follow her passion for yoga and opened up numerous yoga studios around the DC area. After running those studios successfully for a number of years, circumstances outside of her control led her to close them down.


Pleasance is now an author, teacher, speaker, podcaster, mentor, creator, and magic-maker.

She is the founder of Thrive, an online self-care class and community. She also facilitates Stress Management and Self-Care workshops and retreats to a variety of groups and does one-on-one private mentorships based on Ayurvedic, Buddhist, and positive psychology teachings. Pleasance is also the author of Delight: 8 Principles for Living with Joy And Ease and the host of the Soulful SelfCare Sessions Podcast.


I got to talk to Pleasance about how each stage in her life and each step on her journey led her to the next thing, the lessons she’s learned from pivoting numerous times, and how she approaches her career today.


Here is what we chat about in this episode:

  • Why she wanted to become a elementary school teacher
  • How she became a principal at a Charter School
  • How a school shooting changed the course of her career
  • How she got a dream job at Lululemon
  • Why it is so important to take baby steps and not worry about the end goal
  • How she ended up opening numerous yoga studios around DC
  • The lessons she learned from having to close down those studios
  • How she has evolved her career into consulting, mentorship, and teaching the spiritual practices founded on Ayurveda, Buddhism, yoga, and positive psychology.


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