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Lessons from a Quitter

Feb 22, 2022

The root cause of all of your problems is a lack of self-validation. Let me explain…

This isn’t some self-love, woo-woo kind of thing. 

I want you to think about every one of your maladaptive behaviors: 

  • People-pleasing - needing other people to be happy with you so that you can feel good about yourself 
  • Perfectionism- needing everything to be perfect so that you can believe you’re good enough 
  • High-achiever- needing to keep achieving milestones to feel like you’re worthy 
  • Obsessing over what other people think of you - needing other people’s approval so you can believe you’re good.
  • Imposter syndrome- insisting on believing you’re not good enough when all of your achievements prove otherwise
  • And on and on. 

Every. Single. One comes from your inability to validate yourself.